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Greg Ellis: The Rhythmatist, featured on TheVibe Original Feature

With their mission to create and curate creative lifestyle narratives, TheVibe inspires its audiences to live authentically. TheVibe brings passionate freethinkers, artistes, and talents together on a common platform and produces experiential properties, while promoting their passion causes.

In early 2020 just before the global lockdown, Greg spent a couple of very busy months playing drums at festivals, workshops and other events in Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Goa. TheVibe caught up with him and created this comprehensive Original Feature, The Rhythmatist, compellingly written by Anchal Goil.



Emergent sustainable inner technology facilitated through organic synthesis of purely real-time beats and grooves to support and cultivate inner voyage.™

sounds like this

If you seek to hear your Self, individual and group sessions can be arranged via personal interview through an audio call. For further information, please email.

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YOUniversal Center presents RhythmTrance on ______________ in Century City.

To register, please email: omid at youniversal dot org

 Raising consciousness through organic resonance, RhythmTrance carves ecstatic space for us 
to detach from the mind and hear the SELF.
 Harnessing his vast collection of drums, gongs, and bowls in an extended improvisation, Greg Ellis creates powerful resonant frequencies that can inspire a deeply meditative state.
 Ride the vibrations & experience the simple joy of BEING-ness, both as individuals and as a collective.
 Wear comfortable clothes and bring a cushion if you can.
 The journey begins promptly at 7:00 PM.