RhythmTonics™ are live recordings of non-traditional improvised organic percussion.




Created with the finest hand picked organic ingredients from over thirty countries, these synergistic blends of organic rhythm and sound are free from all forms of synthesized frequencies.

For over five hours, various organic frequencies from a wide variety of hand drums, bells, bowls, and gongs interact with our own resonant frequencies.

Some say this resonance synchronizes the left and right hemispheres of the brain while stimulating a holistic alpha brain wave cycle which revitalizes the natural flow of the intuitive mind, balances the spiritual and physical aspects of one’s being, and integrates all aspects of the self into the present moment.

When was the last time you truly listened to you and heard your self?

Simply, RhythmTonics facilitate being in the moment.

According to Zen Buddhism, being fully present in the moment allows you to HEAR YOUR SELF.

RhythmTonics™ are organized as a color-coded listening system of daily aural supplements or ‘audio-pharmaceuticals’ which are handcrafted by RPharm’s Chief Resonance Alchemist Greg Ellis to ensure you receive essential rhythmic nutrients.

RhythmTonics™ can be aurally ingested via active or passive dose mode.

However, nothing subliminal is going on here.

Since RhythmTonics™ are recorded with absolutely no edits, click-tracks, punch-ins or loops, they are actually concentrated doses of real organic time brought to you in the easily digestible form of rhythm.

Audio-pharmacological™ Properties and Benefits:

To all of you inclined to explore without guides, we wish you fulfilling and compelling experiences mixing dosages and colors to make signature RhythmTonics™ blends that we hope you recommend to other users. Stay tuned to Listen Differently™ as RhythmPharm re-envisions itself for a better present.

For those of you seeking RhythmPharm™’s suggestions of initial dosage sequence as well as set and settings, please see our inspired Directions for First Time Users.

RhythmTonics™ Batch 1:

“The effects of color on life must have been of great significance to early human beings, whose very existence was governed by light and darkness. Most living things appear to be vitalized by the bright reds, oranges, and yellows of daylight — and calmed and rejuvenated by the blues, indigos, and violets of the night. For the ancients, the colors that make up sunlight were each considered to show a different aspect of the divine and to influence different qualities of life. Color is therefore an important feature in the symbolism of ancient cultures throughout the world, and the origins of healing with color in Western civilization can be traced back to the mythology of Ancient Egypt and Greece.”
 –Helen Graham (Discover Color Therapy)

Directions for First Time Users

Note: Please have fun learning your Self through these suggestions and feel free to send us your own.

Seven-Day or Seven-Week RhythmTonics ‘Cleanse’

One a day or one a week…

DAY 1- GROWTH Tonic, identified as the color GREEN.
DAY 2- SERENITY Tonic, identified as the color BLUE.
DAY 3- BALANCE Tonic, identified as the color VIOLET.
DAY 4- NOURISHMENT Tonic, identified as the color ORANGE.
DAY 5- CLARITY Tonic, identified as the color YELLOW.
DAY 6- VITALITY Tonic, identified as the color RED.
DAY 7- INNER VOYAGE Tonic, identified as BLACK & WHITE.