Dissolve the mind’s divisions of Self

You are invited to be part of an unscientific yet meaningful aesthetic experiment intended to discern what percentage of the human experience embodies primal gnosis.

For our purposes at this particular moment in time and space, let us agree to understand ‘primal gnosis’ as fundamental and experiential knowing.

Through his work with some of the most realized Rhythmatists in the world, Master drummer and musician Greg Ellis has acquired a profound knowledge and awareness of rhythms and their effects on one’s physical and metaphysical being.

Harnessing his vast collection of drums, gongs, and bowls, he creates powerful resonant frequencies that become a vehicle for transcending form. His instruments and style of playing balance masculine and feminine principles, mapping a space for pure being, where one releases the conditioned need to identify with mind and embraces the primacy of formless-ness. His rhythms, always organic and improvised, become a truly sustainable fuel source for generating energy.

YOU are welcome to join this transformance, a psyche-sonic journey we call RhythmTRAnce, exploring the felt presence of immediate experience.’ (phrase coined by Terence McKenna)

Date: SEPTEMBER 2, 2017

Time: 6 PM- (please bring a pillow to sit on and wear clothes you can move in, if you want to move)

Location: contact info [at] rhythmpharm dot com

Suggested Donation: $25 (no-one is turned away for lack of funds, creative barter is always welcome & encouraged)

RSVP: info [at] rhythmpharm dot com

NOTE: due to the potential depth of release within this experience, we ask that other arrangements be made for the care-taking of children under 5 during this time.

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