Rhythm Tonics 1


7 CD Set in Embossed Slipcase & TonicBox

Single Tonics are available for $16.99 ea.

Y1 Clarity
O1 Nourishment
R1 Vitality
G1 Growth
B1 Serenity
V1 Balance
B&W1 Inner Journey

31 AudioPharmacological doses.

100% natural audio-organics
from over 30 countries including:
skin, bone, clay, metal, shell, seed & fiber.

Open Your Ears And Say Ahhh…™

RhythmTonics are organized as a color-coded listening system of daily aural supplements or audio-pharmaceuticals handcrafted by Master percussionist and drummer Greg Ellis to ensure you receive the essential rhythmic nutrients.

Since RhythmTonics™ are recorded with absolutely no edits, click-tracks, punch-ins or loops, they are actually concentrated doses of real organic time brought to you in the easily digestible form of rhythm.

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